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Your knitting adventure begins here

If you are dreaming of learning how to knit, or simply looking for fresh inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Learning to knit should be a fun and inspiring journey, and it absolutely can be. I am a self-taught knitter and if you will let me guide you, I can help you avoid most of the pitfalls. Many new knitters experience frustration at their first attempts at knitting, and some even give up without finishing a single project. Often the problem is simply that they picked knitting needles and yarn which is ill-suited for a beginner, or they attempted a project intended for intermediate knitters. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

Learning a new skill takes time. You will have to be patient with yourself. You will make mistakes, but each mistake will teach you something new. Experienced knitters make mistakes too. It’s how you handle them that reveals your experience level as a knitter.

Once you no longer fear making mistakes, you are free to make them.

Knit with Henni is still a brand new blog, so I have not yet written posts to take you all the way from beginner over advanced beginner to intermediate knitter. I will. I will write a new post about once a week in the category “Beginner’s Guide”. Currently, I have enough to get you started and learn the two basic knit stitches, as well as how to fix your first mistakes.

Beginner’s Guide

Get started: Choose your yarn and needles and learn to cast on

Basic knitting: Learn the knit stitch and get comfortable holding the yarn

Basic knitting 2: Learn to purl and produce the classic knitted fabric stockinette

Knitting SOS

Have you experienced gaining extra stitches and do your knitting have weird holes? Have you tried to drop and stitch and ripped out all your hard work in utter panic? Not to worry, you are not alone. Learn how to recognize mistakes early, and to fix them with zero fuss. New post out about dropped stitches.

On my needles

In the category “On my needles” you will find the projects I am currently working on. I will detail my planning process, my adjustments to patterns, my mistakes, and the things I learn along the way. Maybe you can learn something from my process, or be inspired for your own projects.

Check out my idea and plan for a season scarf for the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team. Following my steps, you will be able to adjust the pattern to any sports team you are interested in. Make it your own.

Coming soon to Knit with Henni

  • Series on classical beginner mistakes. Learn to spot them, recognize them, avoid them and fix them! First three posts out already.
  • Your first knitted project: a dish- or washcloth. Learn to read a simple pattern, cast on, follow instructions, bind off and weave in the ends.
  • Life lines: How to keep your sanity and knit with no fear.

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