Yarn attached to the wrong stitch

You are about to start a new row of knitting, but then you notice the working yarn is attached to the second stitch instead of the first. What happened? What do you do? This is a really common, and quite disorienting problem, but luckily, it's an easy fix. It can be disorienting to turn your… Continue reading Yarn attached to the wrong stitch

How to fix a dropped stitch in knitting

Dropped stitch in knitting

It happens to all of us... sometimes a stitch drops off the needle tips, and more often than not, we don't even notice and keep knitting. That dropped stitch can unravel an entire column, so it must be fixed, sooner rather than later. Step one: Don't panic! It's not a disaster, and it's easy to fix.

Mysterious holes and extra stitches

Knitting with holes from accidental yarn overs

One of the most common mistakes for new knitters is accidentally adding new stitches by doing something called a yarn over. You may realize your number of stitches is growing because the edges of your knitting is slanting outward, or maybe you have been keeping track by counting your stitches every few rows. Another way… Continue reading Mysterious holes and extra stitches