How to knit and not hurt your fingertip

Pushing the old stitches off with your index finger will give you a sore finger

If you seem to have a chronically sore fingertip from knitting, then you are not alone. One way of sliding the old stitch off the left needle is to push it off with the help of your right index finger, but pushing a sharp knitting needle repeatedly into your finger can hurt quite a bit. Luckily, you don't have to use your index finger at all!

A guide to blocking your knitting

three panel image of lace cowl before, during and after blocking

Blocking is the finishing touch to a knitting project. It is a simple matter of washing or wetting your newly knitted item and letting it dry flat in the shape you wish it to have. It evens out the stitches and the edges and gives your piece that finished look. Some people never block their… Continue reading A guide to blocking your knitting

The ultimate guide to row counting for knitting

Three row counters, a ring, a clicker and a die

How do you keep track of your rows in knitting? You will often have to keep track of how many rows you have knitted. The best approach depends on your temperament and of course, what type of project you are knitting. Are there simple repeats, such as the same 2 rows, or 4 rows repeating… Continue reading The ultimate guide to row counting for knitting